Woven Textiles

Swakara Wool

One of the many gifts of the swakara sheep is wool. This wonderful fibre is woven into beautiful carpets using traditional weaving methods on an upright loom. Washing, dyeing, spinning and weaving provides much-needed employment in rural areas.

These handmade carpets are extremely hard-wearing and the designs vary from natural wool colours and African themes, to modern brightly coloured geometric designs. Most weavers will accept commissions, and produce carpets woven to your own specifications; the finished product then, becomes a unique and very personal creation.

Namibian swakara wool weavers:

African Kirikara Art  Tel: +264 62 581 416 www.kirikara.com
Dorkambo Tel: +264 81 211 0048 sptsheyanena@yahoo.com
Ibenstein Weavers:   Tel: +264 62 573 524 www.ibenstein-weavers.com.na
Karakulia: Tel: +264 64 461415 www.karakulia.com.na
Weaver’s Barn: Tel: +264 64 550700 www.swakopmund.henckert.com
Namcrafts CC dirk@iway.na

National Swakara Wool Innovation Campaign

The NSWIC(National Swakara Wool Innovation Campaign) seeks to add value to the wool industry in Namibia by creating an entire value-chain ‘from sheep to product’.

The campaign aims to contribute towards the upliftment of woman and youth in the swakara farming regions by way of technology and skills transfer, new business and industry creation, sparking an entrepreneurial spirit and most importantly, boosting innovation and new product development in Namibia.

The main aims of this initiative is to:

  • Define and enhance the contemporary image and quality of wool
  • Enhance creativity
  • Define the notion of innovation
  • Promote access to employment for young professionals, and
  • Define a training method combining heritage and innovation.

Through this initiative FabLab Namibia and Agra ProVision hopes to solve the problem of wasted raw wool in Namibia and kick-start a value chain that can lead to innovative and sustainable wool use.