Swakara is known for it’s light weight; however, not all Swakara is light. For the last fifty years, selective breeding for watered silk and moiré types has also gone hand in hand with selection for shorter fibre length, resulting in a significantly lighter product. Selection for certain genetic traits is a science; it is complicated, with many variables. Swakara is a natural product, and seasonal conditions also play a major role in fibre length and skin thickness. While every effort is made to maintain consistency in fibre length from one collection to another, seasonal changes will influence the thickness of the skin, making one collection lighter or heavier than another.

For every millimetre gained in fibre length, the skin thickens, adding weight and bulk to the finished garment. A typical weight is provided for each labelled classification to give an indication of weight compared to similar classifications of different fibre lengths.

Customer’s note
A customer who has bought for example, R Flat Light, which is medium fibre length from the April collection, and places a repeat order with his agent to buy the same goods in September, can expect to receive goods with the same medium fibre length; however, he must expect these September goods to be thicker and therefore heavier in the leather. Goods bought in September will produce thicker, heavier garments. Consequently, weights given are just an indication of measure in relation to other classifications, and are therefore, not meant to be accurate statements of reality.