September 2013 Auction

Sold on the 8th of September 2013

Healthy spread into growing markets!
Exchange rate: DKK 100 = EUR 13.41 USD: DKK 100 = USD 17.63

The offer comprised of: 41,219 Black, 8,383 White, 2,145 Spotted, 4,439 Grey and 297 Coloured C.

Twenty four buyers from eight countries competed for this fresh September collection, which sold 100%. Prices were 14.4% easier in Krone than April, realising an overall average of DKK 367.52, €49.28, USD 64.39. Astropel S.A was the largest buyer, followed by Carlo Guida Ltd, and Tasari Kũrkmod from Turkey.

The top White Lot of K Flat Purple Extra, the highest price paid in the auction, was bought by Carlo Guida Ltd for Mr Roman Melikhov owner of Roma-Fur for DKK 1,440 per pelt. Roma-Fur is a Russian company, with a presence in Moscow, Pyatigorsk and Labinsk.

The top Black lot of O Light Purple Extra was bought by Tas Kletsidis of USA Raw Skin Trading Co for Mr Athanasios Konstantinou for DKK 1060. Mr Athanasios Konstantinou’s company is situated in Kastoria, Greece.

The Black average was DKK 365.84, 11.4% easier, the White average was DKK 429.76 and the Grey average was DKK 368.69.

Flatter types tended to do better this sale, opening a larger gap from the curl over April. The absence of a large White buyer was felt in the room, realising in much easier prices for this colour. The Dark and Medium Grey’s sold strongly, showing that Grey is still very much in demand.

Overall, the Asian market created a climate of uncertainty, as bidding took tentative steps to find a new level. Prices in even short strings sometimes rose by large amounts, in much larger steps than normally seen. Turkish buyer Tasari Kũrkmod was buying strongly, as was France, which represents a healthy spread of goods into other markets.

It is expected that this price level will lubricate the retail end of the business, and stock will move much faster throughout the coming season, leaving our customers hungry to buy in April.

The next Swakara collection will be available in April 2014, where we expect approximately 80,000 fresh Swakara, selling exclusively at Kopenhagen Fur. See you there!