September 2012 Auction

Sold on the 9th of September 2012

Headlines: White swakara advances again!

Exchange rate: DKK 100 = EUR 13.42 USD: DKK 100 = USD 17.20
Swakara’s September offering of 50,019 sold 100% amongst strong competition.
The offer comprised of: 37,475 Black, 6,648 White, 3,910 Grey, 1,628 Spotted, 234 Brown, and 124 Coloured.

Once again, demand was high, generally, prices obtained for better grades were firm, while some increased, with a clear trend for weaker levels in the lower grades. There was particular interest in the White collection, pushing prices up once again. The overall average price for the collection was DKK466.63, €63.00 USD80.80 which is firm over April. The Black average was DKK448.49, White DKK660.86, Grey DKK397.09, Spotted DKK336.02, Brown DKK365.00, and Coloured DKK120.00.

Twenty-three buyers competed for the collection, with Carlo Guida Ltd dominating the buying for Hong Kong, with hot competition from Astropel S.A.F. The top Black lot of 100 O Light Purple Extra was sold for DKK1,080 to Konstantinou Athanasios & son, Kastoria. The top White lot, of 58 K Flat Purple Extra, was bought by Mayer & Cie AG for DKK1,080.

The next Swakara collection will be available in April 2013, where we expect 65,000 fresh Swakara, selling exclusively at Kopenhagen Fur. See you there!