September 2010 Sale Report

Sold on the 12th of September 2010

Exchange rate: DKK 100 = EUR 13.43 USD: DKK 100 = USD 17.10

Swakara’s September offering of 63,105 sold 100% amid strong competition, pushing prices to an even higher level in Danish Krone. The average price for the collection was DKK 278, which represented an increase of 7.8% over April.

Twenty-six buyers competed strongly for the black collection, with Carlo Guida Ltd dominating the buying, with hot competition from Yoshitake Ninomiya and Astropel S.A. The top lot of White O Purple was bought by Konstantinos Bourtsos for DKK 930. The top black lot, O Light Purple Extra, was bought by Otmar Sladky for DKK 470.

A scarcity of shorter hair lengths focused interest upon medium hair length in the black and long hair in the white collection. Once again, the White collection was the subject of intense competition and increased 18% in Krone over the April price level, while the Black collection increased by 6% in Krone over April.

The next Swakara collection will be available in April 2011, at Kopenhagen Fur. See you there!