September 2009 Sale Report

USD 100 = DKK 509.92 DKK 100 = USD 19.61

Sold in Copenhagen on the 13th of September, this collection included: 41,270 black, 5,125 grey and after an absence of 20 years from the auction, 4,239 white.

25 buyers were successful in their bids to secure lots. Hong Kong bought the largest quantity, followed by England, Japan, Greece, USA, Italy, Russia, Finland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Carlo Guida Ltd was the largest buyer, closely followed by Yoshitake Ninomaya.

Bidding was lively and sold 100% with the white collection attracting keen interest, especially in the O’s where larger quantities fuelled keen competition. A highest price of DKK 600 USD 117.67 was paid for 146 white O Purple. An average price of DKK 195.21 reflected a decline of 0.19% over April 2009.

Giordio Guida of Guida S.r.l was fortunate to buy the top white Swakara lot of 56 D Purple for DKK 430 USD 86, while Konstantinos Bourtsos was successful in obtaining the top back lot of 64 D Light Purple Super for DKK 410 USD 82. Namibian minister of agriculture, John Mutorwa presented a bouquet of flowers to buyers of both top lots.
The next Swakara collection will be available in April 2010.