Origin Assured

Swakara’s Origin is now Assured!

The Origin Assured label ensures that a product originates from a country where there are strict regulations or standards in force governing production methods. This draws upon the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) best practice guidelines. In Namibia, this meant drawing up a Code of Practice that was accepted by the International Fur Trade Federation as meeting OIE standards, while also approved by Namibian cabinet and enforced by the directorate of Veterinary Services.

The OA™ programme is a joint initiative of the International Fur Trade Federation, American Legend Co-operative, Finnish Fur Sales, Kopenhagen Fur and North American Fur Auctions.

Kopenhagen Fur has produced quality labels that reflect swakara’s OA™ status. These quality labels integrate the existing Kopenhagen Fur quality labels with the Origin Assured™ label.

When buying a garment with an OA™ label, consumers should feel confident that they are making a responsible choice.

These labels are available at Kopenhagen Fur for eligible swakara customers.