April 2014 Swakara Auction

Sold on the 10th of April 2014

White Summer. Quality Sells!

Stiff competition for White labelled goods, destined for hot summer collections!

Exchange rate: DKK 100 = EUR 13.39 USD: DKK 100 = USD 18.61

The offer comprised of: 51,463 Black, 11,618 White, 3,253 Spotted and 401 Coloured C.

Twenty three buyers from ten countries competed for this fresh April collection which sold 94%. Prices were 20% easier in Krone than September, realising an overall average of DKK 292, € 39, USD 54. Yoshitake Ninomiya was the largest buyer, buying for Bourtsos Bros. SA, followed by Carlo Guida Ltd, USA Raw Skin trading Group and Paoletti Srl.

The top White Lot of K Flat Purple Extra, comprising of 58 pelts, was bought by Tas Kletsidis of USA Raw Skin Trading Co for Mr Michaelis Konstantinou for DKK 1,240.00. Konstantinou Furs is situated in Kastoria, Greece. Nicola Conradie, Swakara’s 2013 Young Designer of the year, congratulated Michaelis on behalf of Swakara for this achievement.

The top Black lot of O Light Purple Extra comprising of 108 pelts was bought by Mr Oleg Tochilov from Ekaterina Furs for DDK 1,240.00 per pelt.

Generally, while prices were easier throughout much of the collection, there was a definite trend towards labelled goods, especially the top end which was often firm. The unlabelled goods experienced the largest drops in price; in particular, the overgrown hair lengths with overgrown curly types in least demand, along with labelled curl types G and K.

Medium hair length flat labelled goods sold well, with an amazing price of DDK 700.00 paid for P Purple, along with the top Black lot, O light Purple Selected which sold for DDK 1,240.00, equaling the top white price. The G’s and K’s were not in demand this time, and this trend carried through to the unlabelled Curl.

White labelled goods attracted immense interest, with some grades advancing in price once again, the top lots of D, O Light, and O Platinum increased in price, also O Light and O Purple, while the new R Flat Purple also sold well for DDK 1,020.00. The K Flat Purple Extra was the top lot of the Swakara collection and sold for DDK 1,240.00. Again, the interest for curl types followed the black trend, with the K’s showing least interest. The white unlabelled followed suit, also easing in price, with the B’s falling the hardest.

Spotted Swakara emerged as the real bargain colour of this collection. Both labelled and unlabelled easing considerably in price from April’s level.

The next Swakara collection will be available in September 2014, where we expect approximately 55,000 fresh Swakara, selling exclusively at Kopenhagen Fur. See you there!