April 2012 Auction

Headlines: World price record broken, twice!

Exchange rate: DKK 100 = EUR 13.44 USD: DKK 100 = USD 17.68

This offer comprised of: 50,200 Black , 9,072 White, 2,603 Spotted and 155 Coloured.

Swakara’s April offering of 62,030 sold 100% in a room of frenzied bidding. Kopehagen Fur’s attendance for the April auction reached a record high of more than 750 buyers, of which 450 were from China; there can be no doubt that the swollen Chinese attendance had a great influence upon the rising mink prices, and also played a supportive role in the tremendous success of Swakara’s new price level.

The Black average was DKK418.92, White DKK660.24, and Spotted DKK409.80.

Overall, the price level increased by 20% over September 2011, with an auction average of DKK469.46, €63.10, USD$83.00.

Yoshitake Ninomiya of Japan was once again by far the largest buyer for Greek customers, followed by Astropel S.A.F from Greece, and Carlo Guida Ltd of Hong Kong.

The top Black lot of 94 O Light Purple Extra was sold to Bourtsos Bros. SA, for DKK1,650 which broke the world record price for Swakara. This is the tenth time Boutsos Bros. SA have bought a top Swakara lot. Later in the sale, Suzanna Ribak bought the top White lot of 56 K Flat Selected Extra for DKK1,700 which broke the world record price once again, as the highest price ever paid for Swakara. This very special lot was bought for Guligaz, an Afghan-owned company in Moscow which has bought Swakara many times before.

The next Swakara collection will be available in September 2012, where we expect 70,000 fresh Swakara, selling exclusively at Kopenhagen Fur. See you there!